E&A Services

Adult Family Support Services: Call (845 339 9090 x 109)

Information & Referral Services: Call (845) 339 9090 x113.

Support and Skill Building Groups: For more information and to register for groups call (845) 339-9090 x115.
All groups are confidential, free and open to the public.

Wellness Walk-in & Linkage Services: Call (845) 339 9090 x165.

Compeer Volunteer Program: Call (845) 339-9090 x 110.


Compeer matches caring volunteers from the community with individuals recovering from mental illness. The program encourages them to develop a one to one relationship based on friendship and support. The program serves as an adjunct to therapy as it often meets an identified need for socialization and interpersonal connection. Compeer seeks to help clients by increasing confidence and ability to cope with stress, reducing social isolation and preventing re-hospitalization.

The program provides the volunteer with training, a personalized match, social activities and continuous professional support.

If you are interested in becoming a Compeer volunteer, contact the Compeer Coordinator at (845)339-9090 x 110.