Harbour Light

Phone: (845) 334-8560, Fax (845) 340-4733

Harbour Light is dedicated to providing youth, primarily adolescents, a second chance to achieve self-sufficiency through a family based treatment environment of support, structure, trust and guidance.

The Harbour Light Therapeutic Foster Care Program’s startup phase began October 1, 1993, with full staffing occurring in January, 1994.  Referrals for the program are from a single source, Department of Social Services.  Any other source (ie: hospital, Family Court, etc.) would access Harbour Light through the County Department of Social Services.  Youth referred are youths with serous behavioral problems who traditionally would be placed at residential facilities.

The Harbour Light Staff, consisting of teams of Family Specialists, a Family Specialist Assistant,  Service Planning Coordinator, Recruitment Specialist, and Program Director who work closely with the Department of Social Services.  In 2010, Harbour Light worked with 24 youth from Ulster County DSS and 2 youth from Greene County DSS.

Harbour Light Foster Parents attend the 10-week MAPP/GPS training or an individualized Deciding Together training.  The special needs of Harbour Light are highlighted in these trainings.  It is truly heartwarming to see parents anxious to parent a challenging teenager.

Our Harbour Light Youth are very special individuals.  Our older youth have blossomed into articulate, mature young people.  Against serious odds, many youth have attended college and strive to work in the social work/criminal justice field.

Harbour Light provides 24-hour support and behavioral management skills through our team of staff and foster parents.

Involvement of the birth parents and teamwork are the cornerstone of the program.  Enhanced services include a comprehensive service plan for the youth and family, utilizing whatever support service is needed to provide the youth and family with necessary skills to maintain self-sufficiency.  Treating the youth and family with dignity and respect has proven to be successful.  Youth in the program, even when they are in crisis, state they want to remain with “Harbour Light”.