Home & Community-Based Waiver Program

This strength-based program supports children with serious emotional disturbance aged 5-17. These children must be at imminent risk of hospitalization and have families that want them to remain in the home and are willing to work with the program to accomplish that end.

The child must also be eligible for Medicaid. This program gets its name from the fact that certain Medicaid eligibility requirements are waived. The family’s assets and income are not considered in determining the child’s eligibility. The child is considered a “family of one”.

The services provided to a child and his/her family include an Individual Care Coordinator (ICC) that meets regularly with the child and family. The ICC coordinates services. Hourly and overnight respite is also available. This can be planned respite as well as unplanned. Skill building services for the youth are also available to work with the child to help facilitate acquisition of identified skills necessary for success. Intensive in-home services can be provided for the family to help increase skills and understanding in raising their child. Crisis Response is available to all enrolled children 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. There is a Parent Advocate available to work with the families in all counties to help with meetings at school, court, and other support the family may desire.

This program operates in Ulster, Sullivan, Otsego, Chenango, and Delaware Counties. The central office for the program is located at 5546 State Highway 7, Oneonta, NY 13820. The telephone is (607) 433-0700.