The Harbour Program of Delaware and Otsego Counties

The Harbour Program, commonly referred to as Harbour-Delaware, provides a wide array of programs and operates within the same philosophies, practices and structure as The Harbour Program of Ulster County.

Services have evolved from our presence, including; Delaware Respite Program, Delaware Family Support Services, and the Adolescent Outreach Program of Otsego County.


  • Respite Program of Delaware County - This program provides short-term, planned, day respite for up to 8 children in Delaware County . The children in the program have serious emotional, social, and behavioral disabilities and they range in age from 5 to 18. Respite services are coordinated individually with each family, and services are tailored to meet each youth's specific needs.
  • Family Support Services of Delaware County - Family Support Services of Delaware County provide ongoing education, guidance and support to families with children who have serious emotional or social disabilities. Educational programs include topics on Anger Management, Navigating the Special Education System, and Dealing with Defiant Children.
  • Adolescent Outreach Program of Otsego County - The Adolescent Outreach Program helps to bridge the gap between traditional medical and mental health models. This program provides educational, informational, and referral services to children and their families in Otsego County. In addition, the "'Youth Booth" is utilized in schools and at health fairs to educate and disseminate information. Children suffering with depression, aggressive problems, obesity, family relationship problems, substance abuse, domestic violence, suicide attempts, and school failures seek our help from this program and are connected with services which assist both the children and their families.