Wellness Resource Coordination

Services Available to All

Wellness Resource Coordinators provide education, advocacy, referral, and support to consumers who are trying to obtain or maintain services that help improve their quality of life due to struggles with mental illness.

Coordinators offer:

  • Advocacy
  • Assistance navigating the mental health system
  • Non-therapeutic counseling
  • Informal short term case-management
  • Consultation and linkage to service providers and therapeutic groups
  • Carepath Program (Supportive programming for the family or support system of an individual with mental illness in the first 90 days after treatment.)

This service is free, no insurance is needed, and supporting documentation is not required.

Services are available Monday-Friday 9a-5p.

People can walk-in basis, make an appointment, call, or email.

300 Aaron Ct. Kingston



Services Available to Professionals

Wellness Resource Coordinators also offer services for professionals in our community. Staff had been called to provide these services at local colleges, schools (students as well as faculty/staff), community groups, businesses, non-profits, etc.

  • Tabling at events to provide awareness, education, or information on any topic related to mental health.
  • Trainings, workshops, and/or Presentations by request or topics pertaining to mental health
  • Trainings and workshops readily available
    1. The Brain Architecture Game (Interactive workshop teaching about the Adverse Childhood Experience Study)
    2. Mental Health and Wellness 101

For any questions or information contact a Wellness Resource Coordinator:

Call 339-9090


Email wellnessinfo@mhainulster.com


Eating Disorder Coalition

Wellness Resource Coordinators also chair the Ulster County Eating Disorder Coalition (UCEDC) which offers a free annual Eating Disorders Conference open to the community, and professional workshops providing clinical level training as well as free CE’s to social workers; in turn Wellness Resource Coordinators do most of the foot work and organization required for these events.

In addition to Ulster County Legislative funding the UCEDC also receives a small grant from the Community Mental Health Project. This project is made possible annually through a grant from MHANYS. This community project’s objective is to compose a team of representatives to increase mental health awareness.

For more information about the Ulster County Eating Disorder Coalition contact:

Call 339-9090


Email UCEDC@mhainulster.com


Mental Health in Schools

Wellness Resource Coordinators also are the leading representatives for the MHANYS mental health legislation in school imitative. They meet with the school administration and set up trainings, staff development, presentations, classroom visits, and even have been included in updating policy language to encompass positive mental health verbiage.

A menu of services, trainings, and workshops can be provided at any time. For more information, contact:

Call 339-9090 x.2202


Email wellnessinfo@mhainulster.com