Family and Youth Services Department

The dedicated commitment of the Family and Youth Services Department results in a multitude of specialized programs. Services include preventative programs, educational seminars, support groups, skill building courses, crisis intervention, newsletters, information and resource referrals, a community resource library, family support services, and professional training services to other community agencies. In response to community needs, this department facilitates effective community work. We are actively involved in several collaborative programs for children and their families.

Below is a partial list of services.

Parent Information & Referral Services

Each year the Family and Youth Department provides ongoing assistance to hundreds of families in search of information and support. This is provided through telephone and individual meetings. Information packets can be created to meet the individual needs of each family.

The Family Support Team

A program developed to help families with children who have social, emotional or behavioral difficulties.

  • Parent Advocate Program - This parent-driven, family focused program is staffed by parents who have had their own personal experiences navigating their way through the world of children's services.  The advocate's role is to provide parents with support and information as they help parents link to services within the community and their own natural supports, as well as strengthen parents' advocacy skills for their child and family.  For more information call 845-339-9090, Ext. 155.
  • The Family Support Resource Center - A resource center developed to help families with children who have social, emotional or behavioral difficulties.  We offer a lending library, internet access, a parent support group, and caring qualified staff to lend an ear and offer information and referrals relevant to your needs.  For an appointment call 845-339-9090, Ext. 155.

Parent R & R (Respite Services)

This program is offered to families in Ulster County caring for a child with social, emotional, or behavior difficulties.  Temporary and specialized care is offered to a child for the purpose of providing a period of "rest and relaxation" to families.  Parents receive approximately 10 hours of respite care per month (Please note that this respite program does not offer overnight services).  This respite break offers parents the opportunity to leave the home or focus on another child.  All respite care services are provided by trained Respite Care Workers.  Call 845-339-9090, Ext. 190.

Youth Booth

An interesting and non-judgmental environment where youth can comfortably approach a caring adult with questions and concerns.  The booth, staffed with two trained professionals, offers a great variety of informational literature.  Call 845-339-9090, Ext. 190.

Family Support Services (DD)

This program serves families of a member with a developmental disability by providing support, information, education, referrals and advocacy.  Referral is available to families and to professionals who serve them, and advocacy is provided on an as needed basis or at large in the community.  Also available are regularly scheduled daytime and evening support groups for families of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, a collaboration of MHA in Ulster County and Hudson Valley Autism Society.  Call 845-339-9090, Ext. 155.

Growing in Families
Creciendo en Familia
Hablamos Espanol

A bilingual program designed to support out parents.  This program has been designed to meet the needs of our families.  We have divided our sessions into 3 modules that will be effective from January 4th - November 7th because we understand that families get busy during holidays.  We provide every parent with tools that will help them to develop parenting skills to make communication a better source of education and to identify different venues to advocate for their children.

Nuestro programa ha sido bien disenado para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestras familias.  Hemos dividido las secciones en 3 modulosque estaran activos desde Enero 4 hasta Noviembre 7, porque entendemos que las familias se ocupan durante los padres con herramientas para desarrollar habilidades de paternidad para hacer de la comunicacion y para identificar las.