ACES (Academic Coaching for Educational Success) is a program for students with emotional disabilities or mental illnesses that attend SUNY Ulster. Sponsored by the Mental Health Association in Ulster County, Inc., ACES provides support to help students manage the college environment successfully.

Who is Eligible?

Students 18 years or older

Have an emotional disability or mental illness

Attend classes at SUNY Ulster

Be able to participate in classroom-based instruction

What does ACES provide?

Pre-Admission Assistance

  • Pre-admission counseling
  • Assistance with the completion of admissions/financial aid forms
  • Assistance with scheduling, registration, academic advising

Campus-Based Support

  • Early identification and remediation of academic difficulties
  • Linking students with academic supports and resources
  • Acting as a liaison with faculty/financial aid/etc.
  • Offering informal personal counseling and one-on-one social support
  • Assisting with acquiring academic accommodations

Peer Support

  • A support group can be created if there is sufficient interest from students. The group will provide a forum where students can bring their questions related to college life.

What Does ACES Cost?

IT’S FREE! To ANY student attending or planning to attend SUNY Ulster who meet the eligibility criteria can have access.

How do I participate in ACES?

A Referral from ACCES-VR.


Stop by, call, or text the ACES coordinator to meet.

To learn more about ACES, please contact:

The ACES Coordinator located at:

Vanderlyn Hall

Admissions Office

Room 119J

Office: (845)-687-5073

Cell: (845) 383-0975

If trying to contact ACES during the summer or winter break please contact: