Transitions Program

The Transitions Program provides case management, non-clinical counseling and socialization support to young adults in Ulster County who have a mental health diagnosis and/or substance abuse, and who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

MHA Transitions staff meet with participants at a minimum of twice a month, up to a maximum of twice a week to support young adults with comprehensive case management services, provide assistance with achieving identified goals, and offer socialization guidance and mental health supports.

The program is voluntary and offered at no cost. Participants must have commercial insurance or no insurance. The Transitions Program offers collaborative assistance and advocacy to help empower and educate young adults ages 18-26 years old. A completed SPOA application is required to enroll.

Case management services typically last up to a year and a half.

If you are between 18-26 years old, and are experiencing difficulties with housing, mental health and/or chemical dependency; or if you know someone who is, and they could use help, please contact our Transitions Coordinator:

845-901-1699 (call or text!)

845-339-9090 x 2212