Self Help and Support Groups

Self Help

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Support Groups at MHA

The Wellness Services Department offers a series of trainings and support groups to program participants, their family members and the general public. Groups are run either by Wellness Services staff or contracted professionally qualified facilitators. All groups are FREE and open to the public.

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Ongoing open drop in groups:

Ready, Steady, Go!

A support group for those with Parkinson’s that meets each Thursday 230-330

Coping with Depression & Anxiety Support Group

A support group, which targets symptoms of depression and anxiety. These groups are open to the community for men and women. This was so popular that it is offered twice a week. Wednesday afternoons 2-330 and Thursday evenings 6-7

Coping with Suicide Loss

A support group for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Meeting at the Reformed Church or New Paltz, educational building, RM 3 Thursdays 630-8

Live for Today

A professionally led group open to adults who have had or are having thoughts of suicide.  This group provides an opportunity to identify and connect with the part of us that wants to live, offer support to others, and share coping tools.  Meets Tuesdays 5-6

Peace Work

An interpersonal skill building workshop based on the Alternatives To Violence project. It involves interactive opportunities to learn about interpersonal conflict resolution, focusing on communication, cooperation and affirmation. This group is offered every Tuesday 2-4


A professionally led group, which offers consumers the opportunity to practice mindfulness and a variety of breathing, stretching and relaxation techniques. This group is offered twice a week, Mondays and Fridays 10-1115

The N.A.M.I. Family Support Group

A peer led group that is for family members of adults with mental illness. This group meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 6-730


Groups/Workshops requiring registration to attend:

Anger and Trauma Management Workshop

For women only and is a 10-week series that addresses the personal and societal reasons why women have problems identifying and appropriately expressing their anger.

Men’s Anger Management Workshop

For men only and is an 11-week series that focuses on the reasons why some men have difficulty with their ability to identify and control their anger. Participants will examine their perceptions of themselves and develop strategies to effectively manage their emotions.

Eating Disorders Family Support Group

Meets on Wednesday evenings each week and offers support to family members and close friends of individuals with serious eating disorders. The group gives families an opportunity to discuss family problems, the health care system and exchange coping skills with people in similar situations.

Mindful Eating

A group that meets on Monday’s evenings each week and is designed to encourage people to apply mindfulness skills in their lives as they struggle with weight control, over-extension of calories, or binge eating.


Tuesday evening group that meets weekly targeting those struggling with eating disorders directly related to restricting calories, anorexia, and bulimia.

TMI Writing Workshop

Hosted by The TMI Project, in partnership with The Mental Health Association in Ulster County (MHA), offers a memoir and storytelling workshop to MHA clients and the general public to help write and share their experiences with mental illness. The culmination of this workshop is a live performance, featuring participant’s true stories, and is open to the public. Through the ancient art of storytelling, participants turn their pasts into testimonials of survival, dispelling old shame and inspiring others.

Family Support Training Workshop

A professionally led workshop is part of a family educational model that has demonstrated effectiveness with hundreds of families since its inception nearly thirty years ago. Family Support Training is designed for family members of individuals diagnosed with a mental health challenge, or those who exhibit behavior strongly suggesting such diagnoses.