Children’s Health Home Services

There are two components to Children’s Care Management services at the Mental Association in Ulster County, INC.  The Children’s Health Home Program (CHH) serves youth who have Medicaid and the Non-Medicaid Care Management Program (NMCM) is offered to youth who have commercial insurance.

The CHH Program provides a Care Manager who is able to coordinate care for children and adolescents who receive Medicaid benefits and who have a Serious Emotional Disturbance. two chronic medical conditions or HIV. A team is created to help support the youth and family, which includes, but is not limited to, a primary care physician, mental health providers, and additional resources such as community support groups, public assistance programs, school connections, etc. A Non-Medicaid Care Manager is able to provide these services to youth and their family as well and meets with each family to assess the needs of the identified child and the family in an effort to coordinate services and advocate with service providers.

The goal of these programs is to reduce the risk of Emergency Department visits and in-patient hospitalizations, either medically or psychiatrically, while ensuring needs are being met in the least restrictive environment.

For more information please call: 845-339-9090