Wellness Services

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The mission of the Education and Advocacy Department is to provide people with psychiatric disabilities, their families, professionals and the general public with mental health education and the information, advocacy and support needed to improve the quality of their lives.

The Education and Advocacy Department represents the MHA at a variety of public functions such as Mental Health Fairs in local schools, community forums, malls and other venues. Over the year hundreds of people have been informed of available community resources and the various programs offered by the MHA. The E&A staff also provides workshops on mental health topics for senior citizens, church groups, the local college community, nursing associations, statewide conferences, local schools and businesses as well as human services staff. The annual Mental Health Screenings, held on the campus of Ulster County Community College, are part of a nation-wide public education effort.

The E & A Department cosponsors conferences throughout the year that explore mental health issues and are open to the public, free of charge. A variety of half or whole day workshops and trainings are offered on topics such as eating disorders, bipolar and major depression, personality and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, chemical dependency issues, local and state legislative issues, adult and children’s mental health community services and ‘systems’ advocacy. Over 300 individuals attend these workshops per year, including many family members and consumers who have been referred by mental health professionals.

In addition, E&A staff members, upon request, serve as advocates for consumers, family members or others trying to access the mental health system in Ulster County. Individual counseling is available throughout the year on a walk-in basis, by appointment or over the phone.

Adult Family Support Services: Call (845 339 9090 x2201)

Information & Referral Services: Call (845) 339 9090 x2207.

Support and Skill Building Groups: For more information and to register for groups call (845) 339-9090 x2202.

All groups are confidential, free and open to the public.

Wellness Walk-in & Linkage Services: Call (845) 339 9090.

Compeer Volunteer Program: Call (845) 339-9090 2206.