Matters Helping All Parents – Cyber Safety Week 2

Often times when we think about cyber safety we think of older youth.  In reality kids are accessing the internet at a very young age.  This website ( has a good video for younger children.  It is never too early to start practicing cyber safety.

The FTC also has a lot of good information for parents regarding talking to your kids about cyber safety.


To help kids maximize the Internet’s benefits — while minimizing the risks — we offer the latest research, tips, and tools on what really keeps kids safe. Which privacy settings should you use? What are the ins and outs of parental controls? Get tips on everything from the basics, such as smart usernames, to the big stuff, such as appropriate sharing.

You can find some helpful videos and tips here.


The best way to protect your kids online? Talk to them. While kids value the opinions of their peers, most tend to rely on their parents for help on the issues that matter most.
Here are some resources to help you get started. We hope you’ll share these with other parents in your community. Here for more.