Presents for Participants

Presents for Participants is a holiday gift giving program sponsored by the Mental Health Association with the cooperation of the entire
Ulster County community.

For People Who Need People
The presents will go directly to people dealing with a mental illness who are currently living in an MHA residence or involved in one of MHA’s community-based programs.  For many it will be the only gift they receive this year.

What Can You Do?
Donate a new gift to a man or woman, tagged with information about contents and size; or send a contribution for the purchase of gifts and gift bags.  Involve your club, your church group, or your friends in collecting or making gift items.

What Can You Send?

  • During this time of COVID-19 and extra precautions a monetary donation may be the safest way. You may contribute online below or by check made payable to the MHA.  Please donate early so that staff will have the time to take advantage of sales to fulfill the gift requirements.
  • Something to wear. . . socks, T-shirts, winter hats, scarves, sweaters, gloves, and sweatshirts.

Clothing in sizes LARGE and EXTRA LARGE would be greatly appreciated.

Something to do. . . stationery, pens, calendars, greeting cards, envelopes and stamps, puzzles, powders, soaps and
deodorant, shampoo, books, games, candy, cookies and chewing gum.