Mental Health Education in NYS

Effective July 1, 2018 New York schools are required by law to provide instruction in mental health to all elementary, middle and high school students.  The new law amends section 804 of Article 17 of State Education Law and applies to all public and private schools under the jurisdiction of the New York State Education Department (SED).  Section 804 of the law pertains to health education, which schools have been required to provide for several decades and includes subject matter such as the early detection of certain cancers and alcohol, tobacco and substance use.  The new law adds mental health to the legally mandated components of health instruction.

School Mental Health Education Resource and Training Center is being established by the Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc.(MHANYS) to help schools comply with the new law.  The Center will provide free online mental health training (CTLE-eligible) and instructional resources for educators, as well as mental health resources for parents and guardians, students and community-based mental health providers.  For more information about the Center please visit