Jan 22 2018
Matters Helping All Parents – Cyber Safety Week 2
Often times when we think about cyber safety we think of older youth.  In reality kids are accessing the internet at a very young age.  This website ( has a good video for younger children.  It is never too early ...
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Jan 10 2018
Matters Helping All Parents – Cyber Safety
As we begin the new year we want to wish everyone safety and happiness.  With so much information readily available on the internet and youth of all ages accessing it safety must be a top priority for parents.  This is ...
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The PATH to Calm
Dec 20 2017
Matters Helping All Parents – Stress Management
It's important to find ways to promote a healthy/happy Holiday season.  Positive coping responses to stress are necessary. Here is a helpful graphic put together by our national organization Mental Health America.
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Nov 28 2017
Bring Holiday Cheer to People with Mental Health Issues
Please join us by participating in the MHA Holiday gift giving program.  We are once again collecting new, unwrapped gifts to be distributed during the holiday season, to people of all ages in our community-based programs and MHA residences in Ulster ...
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Nov 21 2017
Matters Helping All Parents – Suicide Prevention
Thanks to the leadership of Ulster County Executive Mike Hein the Ulster County SPEAK Ap is available on iTunes and Google play. This is a smart phone app that helps users identify the warning signs of suicide and gives them ...
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Suny Ulster
Nov 17 2017
ACES Program
College can be stressful. You can easily become overwhelmed juggling school, work, friends and family, all while trying to figure out what you want to be in life. Having that one teacher or other professional on campus as a guiding ...
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conference room
Nov 16 2017
Support Groups
Supports groups bring together individuals who are facing similar issues, weather that be an illness, relationship problem or major life changes. Members of support groups often share their experiences and advice. It can be helpful just getting to talk with ...
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Tiles 1
Nov 14 2017
Introspective Program
Art can be a powerful tool for sustaining mental health. It can help someone express themselves, explore their emotions, manage addictions and improve self esteem. MHA’s introspective program provides individuals with expertise in areas of interest such as art and ...
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Compeer hands
Nov 13 2017
Compeer – Volunteers Needed
Loneliness and isolation is what many people experience while living with mental illness. Having the support of a friend can help improve feeling understood, cared about, and can even increase self-esteem! MHA’s compeer service provides adults with one to one ...
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Nov 12 2017
Ellen Pendegar on Suicide Prevention
MHA's CEO, Ellen Pendegar was recently interviewed by Hadley on for their Mind Matters Matters Podcast.  Their topic is suicide prevention.  A good listen. #mymentalhealth /wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Ellen_Final_total_Interview.mp3
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